Thursday, January 19, 2012

New Semester New Experiences

Before today I had no clue what blogging was. Therefore I felt totally clueless trying to set one up! I’m always up for a challenge so after about half an hour I finally got the hang of things. I’ve never really thought about blogging before, especially for a class! After looking around that other blogs for PE I ended up thinking it is a great idea! Being able to post thoughts and videos after each class or lesson seems like it could be helpful! After seeing and reading what others think it could help you adaptive and improve yourself.
            After just returning from winter break thinking back on what I did, I feel that I made improvements on being a better role model. As being a PE teacher I feel that staying active and being healthy is a KEY element because if you aren’t or can’t be active why would the students what to be?! Over the winter break I concentrated on keeping in good shape and eating pretty healthy. My main concentration for working out was staying in good shape for track. I currently run on the SUNY Cortland Women’s Track and Field Team. Eating healthy and working out was difficult at some points of winter break because there is so many holidays, but I made sure to make time! I believe that staying healthy helps makes me a better teacher.

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