Friday, January 20, 2012

No Equipment No Problem

Day 2 in EDU 255 we worked up a sweat! Surprisingly we didn’t use much equipment at all but yet we were moving the whole class! We got started by warming up by throwing a Frisbee around with a partner with the same color piney. I partnered up with someone I didn’t know in the class; his name was Pat. We ended up having some similarities, one being we love KanJam!! We stuck with the same partner and started off with some basics of Frisbee throwing then advanced to different techniques of throwing. Eventually we had to try and complete 10 passes on an Ultimate Frisbee type of court with one defense player. Adding the defense player really increased the amount of effort you had to put into completing passes and that’s when I started to work up a sweat and have some fun. To take a breather Professor Yang included a good concentration game, which was a good cognitive activity. Next we got into some yoga! I really enjoyed this part of class! It surprised me how much I was actually working up a sweat during this yoga!
            When class was just about over Professor Yang talked about how we had a pretty solid class today. Everyone seemed to really get their blood pumping.  Then reflecting back on class he pointed out how we used very minimal equipment. Therefore there should never be excuses for physical education to not get kids moving. Today all we used is the gymnasium space and Frisbees, but really we didn’t even need the gymnasium because we could have done these things anywhere! I thought this was a great point and I never really thought about how many things you can have kids do that will still get them moving and having fun without much equipment. So really there shouldn’t ever be much of an excuse for a budget cut or small budget to limit or eliminate a Physical Education Program (well that’s what I believe).
            Lastly at the end of class we did a name game to get to know everyone. I was the lucky one that was toward the end of the circle so I had to repeat everyone’s names expect one person!! I had a moment of panic at first because I tend to not be that good at remembering names but I was surprised how well I did!! The good this is that I think I will remember almost everyone now!! I really enjoyed today’s class!!

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