Wednesday, January 25, 2012

“There Ain’t No Bugs On Us!”

Today in EDU 255 we started class by showing off you “best dance moves”. Everyone was in a circle and one or two people would go to the center and everyone else would have to repeat him or her! This was a funny and different way to get everyone moving! Then we did a tag game that had to do with remembering people’s names! Professor Yang told us on the first day it’s very important to know everyone’s name, so we have been working on that a lot!
            For the core of the class we focused on key elements that should be included in a lesson. Then found out that we would have another chance to teach our lesson that we had taught on the first day! We talked as a big group on things to improve our 4-minute lesson. Then we were all divided up into groups of 4 with a teacher assistant. She helped us think of some great ideas to add and encouraged us to really be creative. I really enjoyed the chance to converse with a few others and a teacher assistant about our mini lessons. It was helpful to talk to them because we all are feeling the same way (a little nervous) and so it was easy to give and take advice.
            Lastly, Professor Yang wanted to make sure everyone knew that being LOUD is important as a Physical Education Teacher. When speaking loudly to the class there is not need to pull everyone back together if they are spread around the gymnasium. This is a definite time saver! The way Professor Yang demonstrated this was by splitting the class in half. Next we all stood in a line face to face with the other half of the class. We were asked to yell “There ain’t no bugs on us, there ain’t no bugs on us, there might be bugs on you guys, but there ain’t no bugs on us!” We ended up having to do it a few times till we got to the level that he wanted. This was kind of a silly way of making his point but he sure did make everyone realize it!

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