Friday, January 27, 2012

The Second Time Around!

         Today in EDU 255 we got a chance to redo our 4-minute lesson from the first day of class. The lesson that I had taught was soccer passing. I feel that for overall I did make some improvements from the first day. My main goal for teaching today was to get the students more involved and not have such a “typical” passing drill. I believe that I did accomplish those two things today in my lesson. Also I feel that I looked pretty confident in what I was teaching which is a plus! I started off my lesson by asking what they already knew about soccer passing. Then going off their knowledge I didn’t have them practice the passing movement with the ball, I just reviewed it quickly without a ball because they seemed to pretty much know the basics. From there I went right into the drill. I chose to do a different type of passing drill to get more people involved and to stray away from just passing back and forth with a partner. During the drill I gave some good feedback to the group and tried to keep them motivated. Then I ended with a few questions to make sure that they grasped the main cues from lesson.
        Right after I was done teaching I had realized that I had forgotten a few important things: a safety statement and a cue for attention. Four minutes is defiantly a short amount of time to fit everything you want. I was worried about rushing for time so I feel like everything I had gone over prior to class just seemed to disappear. This was overall only like my fourth time teaching a lesson so I was still kind of nervous about it. Also I observed from others that adding a hook defiantly makes your lesson more interesting! Next time I’m going to make sure to be more creative and add one to my lesson.
       Overall I feel today was defiantly an improvement from last time I taught but next time I teach I will be sure to be a little louder, include a hook, a safety statement, and a cue for attention. Talking to Professor Yang helped me feel a little better because he was telling me that you don’t learn much from succeeding. So I now my mind set it that I can only get better with experience and observation! Also as a teacher candidate I catch myself when watching others teach making mental notes of what is really neat to add to a lesson!! Hopefully each day my fellow classmates and I getting closer to teaching like a ROCKSTAR!!

Transcription of Lab A2

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