Thursday, January 19, 2012

Surprise on the First Day

For the first day of classes I typically think of going over syllabi and the basics of the class. SURPRISE! This is not how the first day of Basics of Effective Instruction in Physical Education goes with Professor Yang. When I was sitting and waiting for class to begin I noticed some equipment on the gymnasium floor along with four teacher assistants and two video cameras. My first thought was “Oh maybe there will be a demonstration of how the class is typically run”. Nope. I was wrong. Professor Yang began to explain that we would be splitting into two groups and everyone would be teaching a skill for four minutes. That’s when my mind started to panic a little trying to think of what skill and all the keys to teaching. I ended up thinking about teaching passing for soccer because that’s one skill I was pretty comfortable with. I felt a little nervous at first because I didn’t feel very prepared but after I got talking I got more comfortable. In the result of being split into two groups and having to share equipment I got lucky! As soon as I had to start my lesson the other half of the class just had ended their lesson on soccer and were putting the balls back! After today I guess practicing thinking on your feet is defiantly a good think to practice!! Overall I felt like I did pretty well with my four-minute lesson. I explained the main cues and safety for the drill. Although after reviewing the video I have already seen things I should really improve on.
            I am excited to see what is in store for this class.  I’m hoping this class will really help improve my confidence for teaching that way my teaching enthusiasm will increase! When I eventually get to the point of actually having my own class I want to be that “Rock Star Teacher”. I hope that I will be able to, at the least, help a few students realize that living an active life is FUN! My goals as a teacher is to show students skills and activities that they can enjoy and do all through school and sometimes carry on for lifetime hobbies!!


  1. Great first day Trish. You looked comfortable and knew what you wanted to teach. Great - you figured how to embed videos know you can edit your posts and paste the embed code into this post so that everything is together.