Wednesday, March 21, 2012

First Look at Technology and PE

                Today for EDU 255 we met in the classroom for a change. We got a good chance to review some helpful tips for upcoming Lab D. We also got a chance to look at some examples of bulletin boards that we will also have to complete as a part of our lab. We saw some great examples and some “just average” samples as well. When creating a bulletin board it’s not only important to make it look interesting to draw people into it but to be informative as well! A good put together board should take a good amount of time to create if you want to accomplish those two main goals.
             Next we got a chance to go into the exergaming lab! This was my first time in the lab so it was really interesting to see all the equipment that SUNY Cortland is lucky to have! There were a lot of unique pieces of equipment I had never seen before. Professor Yang explained all the great opportunities for gaming that some people could use if they were assigned exergames for their lab D. There were punching bags that light up like DDR, DDR, a bike that is connected through a PS2 that controlled the speed of your car that you could race and many other unique equipment for activity and physical activity. Mike and Devon got a chance to play on race on the bike that moved your car and after they raced they were saying how after a couple races that could be a great workout!! Just after one race Mike’s legs were feeling it! This just shows how great video games can be to get kids moving! Also maybe not just at schools but having technology in the homes as well! If kids were forced to use the steppers while playing “Call of Duty” or the game would pause, I’m sure that the amount of time played on the game would be significantly reduced. Now that I have gotten a chance to see the technology that is available for physical education I can’t stop thinking of the millions of options of activities, either with or without technology!

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