Friday, March 23, 2012

Stacking Up!

ultimate frisbee pictogram

    Today in EDU 255 we started off class in the gymnasium and Professor Yang gave us some feedback about our class the other day when we played Ultimate Frisbee. He suggested the technique of “stacking”, like you would in a basketball game. So when you are on offence everyone should stack in an angle toward the part of the court that is the biggest in front of the person with the Frisbee. Then down the line each person runs and cuts in their own way to avoid being covered by defense. This technique was new to a lot of us so it took some time to grasp but in the end it ended up working well for our teams. Not only was this a good tactic for passing the Frisbee but also this technique wasn’t as tiring as the typical just run around to get open. The game of Ultimate usually last a long time you want to use as less energy as possible while still playing good offense and defense.
                  Then we walked down to the classroom. We reviewed important topics to remember for our upcoming lab and discussed the importance of having many resources. One of the main things I got from today was to make sure to have your objective, cues, feedback, and assessment all line up and be consistent. Proffessor Yang gave a great example in class. If you were working on the tennis swing and your objective was the low to high, your cue should be low to high, which means your feedback should concern this technique, and the students should be assessed on the low to high technique as well. Not only does this keep everything in your lesson consistent but this clearly shows students what they will be assessed on and what they should focus on.

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