Friday, March 30, 2012

Testing Out The Technology!!

Today for EDU 255 we met up in the Exergaming Lab! This was only my second time in the lab so I was excited to get another chance to see all the great systems. We all got a chance to try out the iDance system! This is a lot like DDR (Dance Dance Revolution). There were 8 electronic pads to play the game and practice mats that look just like the electronic ones but don’t actually control the game. This gave everyone in the class an opportunity to be active and participating the whole time! I surprised myself and I was actually a little better then I had anticipated! The great thing about the iDance system is that everyone can play at his or her own level. So if 3 people wanted to stay at a lower level they could play with the rest of the class that may have wanted to challenge themselves at a high level at the same time. The screen just splits and it displays both levels. This was defiantly a challenge either way and I can totally see how after a few rounds you can work up a sweat! Not only is can this be a great workout but it really works on coordination! Professor Yang had us try an easier level while trying to bounce to the beat while playing and this was a tough challenge for me! It really works on your coordination and concentration! Technology is a great element to incorporate into your PE lessons because it can really hook students into your class and get them to want to come back for more! Technology is becoming a big part of society and so why not connect it into your classroom?! Students are using technology all the time at home so to connect something that interests them and that they knowledgeable about is a great element to have in your lesson. Although it may seem like it could be expensive to incorporate and have enough for your whole class to be involved I doesn’t have to be that way! Even if you only had one or two iDance mats you could put down poly spots around on the floor for the rest of the class to practice on and then rotate! There are so many great options to involve technology and enhance your lesson!

Technology brings ‘new P.E.’ to schools

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