Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Lab C (Shinty Lesson)

               Today in EDU 255 it was finally my groups chance to teach our international game from Lab C! My group consisted of Stephanie, David, and I. The game we got to teach was Shinty. Shinty is a game that originated from Scotland over 2,000 years ago. My job was to teach Kindergarten, Stephanie was teaching for 4th grade, and David ended on teaching for 12th grade. Our group wanted to make sure we really included information about Shinty and its origins.
                  I started off my Kindergarten lesson by breaking them up into small groups and giving each student an index card with pictures related to Scotland. Then there were small pages on different parts of the gymnasium that they had to go by the order on their index card and do the action that the station told them. Then I gathered them together and talked about the pictures that they saw and how the related to Scotland then linked Scotland to Shinty. Next I talked about the cues/hook that helped the students understand how to hit the ball. I ask everyone if they have every seen a grandfather clock because the pendulum that swings back and forth is the way we want to swing our arm to hit the ball. The cues I used were 1. STEP (next to the ball) 2. BEND (your knees) and 3. Swing (your arm toward your target). Then everyone grabbed a ball and we just worked on those skills by hitting the balls to the wall. After everyone seemed to have a good grasp I moved on to a game that incorporated hitting the ball. There were two teams and their goal was to hit the opposite team’s balls off the little cones that were spread out throughout one side of the gym. Then lastly I brought everyone back together for the closer and asked a few questions concerning the cues and Shinty information.
                  Overall I was really happy how my lesson turned out! I was comfortable about what I was teaching and that caused me to be a lot less nervous, so I feel like this helped my confidence teaching. I really tried to incorporate the theme of Scotland and Shinty through my lesson even though for Kindergarten we didn’t get to play any of the actual game and I think did a pretty good job accomplishing this. Teaching toward a Kindergarten level was defiantly a new challenge for me!
                  One thing I that I should work on for next time is not concentrating so much on the time. I had listed on my lesson plan that I was going to do 3 activities and now I kind of wish I had done all 3 and not just 3. The reason I only did 2 was because of my worry of running out of time. Also Mrs. Buchanan commented about a couple phrases I had said in my lesson that could be taken the wrong way, like “guys”. This is something I will make sure to concentrate on for next time. One other thing that I would change about my lesson would be to add some music!! I was planning to have music during my lesson but I had forgotten my iPod. Next time I will make sure to double check before I leave! Also after reviewing my lesson I realized that I spend a lot of time talking and explaining. While I guess talking and explaining is a good thing, I think I did a little too much. I was really trying to make sure the students would understand the cues and information about shinty I lost some of the movement in my lesson. For a total I only had 44% activity!! Next time I MUST remember to do less talking a get the students move involved because I mean this is PHYSICAL education!!
                  Lab C was a great learning experience and we are all improving every lab! 
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