Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Mentality of a Rockstar!

            Today in EDU 255 Professor Yang had us watch a YouTube video of Queen. This was a concert from 1985 I believe that was one of the concerts for Aids in Africa. It took place in a HUGE stadium full of fan for many different genres that were playing that day. When Queen was playing on stage the crowd was wild and totally into the song he was singing. It didn't seem like there was one person who wasn't getting into the song, singing or clapping their hands, even the people a quarter mile away from the stage. Queen had a crazy performance and no one would have expected them to have a cloud like they did. After watching this video I was thinking "how In the world does this relate to us Professor Yang?!?". Then Yang went on to tell us that putting on a performance is basically what teaching is. If all of us could get the students involved and engaged like the crowd was at that concert that is teaching like a Rockstar. Also not only teaching like a Rockstar is his goal but having their mentality. Rockstars practice and rehearse over and over many times before their concerts so it may make sense that we are practicing and going over what we are teaching. This was a great little lesson that I took from class today. It makes so much sense! If you have a lesson when the students don't want it to end and are really engaged in what your teaching, you have taught like a Rockstar cause who wants to leave an awesome concert of their favorite band?! 

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