Wednesday, April 11, 2012

A day for Table Tennis!

                  Today in EDU 255 Eric and Justin taught their Lab D, which focused on table tennis. They both presented two great lessons with progressions for their different styles of lessons. Eric went first and taught a great lesson on following threw you hitting. I really liked the way he hooked us in the lesson by connecting it to the cues. His second cue was “grease” because your hand/paddle made a motion by your head that you were greasing your hair like John Travolta in the movie grease. Then if you didn’t get that connection he also referred to the movement as from the “dougie” dance. I thought this was a great way to connect two different ways so you made sure everyone really understood it. Also during Eric’s lesson Professor Yang told Stephanie to make a scene about Dan cheating on her with Leslie. Eric handled this situation pretty well by first just splitting them up. Then Stephanie ended up cursing in the class so Eric just removed her for a short period then had her return. I thought the way Eric handled this in progressions was great, although he was kind of confused on what was going on!
                  Justin started off his lesson with a little instant activity about looking at different foods and connecting them to high fructose corn syrup! I thought this was a great creative way to get everyone thinking about how much high fructose corn syrup we eat daily, cause it sure made me think! Next he had to deal with a technical difficulty with his laptop so he didn’t have his rules or video but he handled the situation well and just moved on. When we moved on to the core of the lesson Professor Yang approached Emily and I and asked us to “flirt” and be clingy with Justin to see how he reacted. I must say that Justin did a great job dealing with us constantly want to be next to him. Whenever we would get too close or follow him around he would give us an alternate task or just say “hey would you two mind just standing right over there”. I thought his reactions to this was great and handled the situation professionally.
                  Overall I thought today was a successful day of Lab D’s and Friday we are going to be meeting in the pool area for two more lessons.  

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