Wednesday, April 18, 2012


             Today in EDU 255 it was Emily’s and Leslie’s turn to teach their Lab D! They got the privilege of using the exergaming lab/equipment.  Emily started us off with a great lesson focused on diabetes and the boxing equipment. We first had to find eggs that were hiding around the lab that had information about diabetes. After we got started into using the equipment and she did a great job making sure everyone was being active even though only a few people at a time could use the actual technology. I loved how she really incorporated her theme of diabetes through the whole lesson! Also I loved how she was super enthusiastic about her lesson because it really helped everyone else get into it and have fun! I really enjoyed Emily’s lesson and I actually learned a few things that I never really knew before!
                  Leslie’s turn was next! She was in the smaller room in the exergaming lab, although she didn’t let this affect her lesson, which was great! Leslie had a couple different exergaming stations set up around the room that we rotated around to. I loved that she took on such a big task of incorporating many different games because it kept things interesting for us! I really enjoyed myself getting the chance to try out all the different games. Leslie also did a great job of making sure that everyone was being active and if there weren’t enough spots at one station she would adapt and change things so everyone could participate. Also I thought I was great how she was constantly walking around challenging people and giving feedback. At the station with the basketball video game with the steppers and bikes, she had us breathe threw straws. Then at the end of the lesson she explained that this was to show us the importance of being active and healthy because when plaque builds up on our arteries it makes the heart have to work harder to get blood around the body. This leads to cardiovascular disease. 
                          Emily and Leslie taught two fun and exciting lessons today, I really enjoyed class!   

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