Friday, April 20, 2012

Scavenger Hunt for Smokers

Today was Kim’s turn to present her Lab D lesson for EDU 255. Kim had the challenge of having the class participate in a scavenger hunt around Park Center, but this wasn’t just a normal scavenger hunt, every aspect of the hunt had a learning aspect about smoking. She was really dynamic and creative with how many different elements she incorporated into her lesson about smoking. She had us get warmed up with a little game of blob tag and then some stations that had to do with areas of the body that are affected by smoking. There was a station for the brain, lungs, heart, and mouth and at each station there was a activity that involved that area of the body. Then we finally split into groups and prepared for the scavenger hunt to find different things that are used to make cigarettes. Each group had to work together because we were tied together with a rope and one person with an iPhone downloaded an app that guided us from station to station. Also Kim had worksheets we had to fill out with the info that was at each station, and each person in the group had a different nametag of an ingredient that was in cigarettes. There were two groups so Kim had to spilt her time between each group to help guide them through the hunt. This led us all around the outside of Park Center. There were a few technical difficulties, but I thought she handled the problems very well. Although in my group especially there were a few incidences where behavioral problems occurred and Kim didn’t really seem to address them and instead just ignored them. Overall I thought Kim had a great lesson and I really learned about smoking and cigarettes. I can only imagine the amount of work that Kim put into her lesson, but I think it was really worth it because I thought that her lesson was super educational and involved some great physical aspects!    

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