Monday, April 2, 2012

Off on a Scavenger Hunt

         Today for EDU 255 one of the TA’s Steve split the class into groups to go on a scavenger hunt through park center. This wasn’t just a normal look and find type of scavenger hunt this on included technology of course. At least one person per group had a smart phone that had a QR reader app downloaded. A QR reader is an app that can scan a weird type of bar code and then gives you information about what that bar code means. So each group when from barcode to barcode finding out information and there was a letter that was found in each code as well. After we found all the bar codes we had to figure out what all the letters spelled out. This is case they spelled out “RED DRAGONS”! A scavenger hunt is a great way to have kids be engaged and learning! At each barcode there was a fact about an area or professor in park center that led us to the next code. So we ended up learning quite a few little facts while “fast walking” around the building. After the hunt we talked as a group what scavenger hunts can be good for. Surprisingly a scavenger hunt has many great aspects like developing teamwork, strategizing, or even a workout! Depending on what aspect you want to work on most you can really spread out the bases so they have to work hard running or walking around to find the next clue! I would have never thought a simple scavenger hunt could work in a physical education setting.     
Before he sent us out to search he should us a really inspiring video to encourage us to work hard. This video showed clips of a football player training super intensely with commentary of inspirational words about working and striving to be better. After the video Steve was talking to us about how the upcoming Lab D was our last chance to show and prove ourselves at teacher candidates that we must really practice and rehearse if we want to succeed. So far this lab has taking a lot of preparation personally and I’m going to be the first to teach so I really understand what he was talking about. I only can keep practicing and preparing to make it the best lesson so far! Next class it's my turn to teach and being the first person to go I only hope to set a good standard for my peers.

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