Monday, April 16, 2012


Today for EDU 255 the teach candidates that taught today were Devon and Mike! They both had the challenge of teaching in the pool area. Devon started us off by playing a simple tag game to get us warmed up. After the warm up he told us a story about how he went to water aerobics with his grandma. I loved this and it was a pretty entertaining and defiantly got my interest! So then we got into our own area of the pool to practice a few of the moves. I though Devon did a great job with the cues for each move and all the names of the moves closely related to the action itself. After practicing Devon didn’t hesitate to get right in the pool to put it all together. I really liked that he got in the pool and participated but yet still gave some feedback to students. Then he ended his lesson with some calm stretching right in the pool! I enjoyed Devon’s lesson and I thought he did a great job with classroom management as well!
                  Next was Mike, he was teaching us defense to Ultimate Pool Frisbee. Before we actually got into the lesson he wanted to get us warmed up with a little relay race. The cool aspect of the relay race was that we had to pass and hold onto these bands that tracked our times! When the last person had the band they had to touch it to the base and it stopped the timer! I thought this was really cool and added something unique to his lesson from the start. Then Mike when over the cues for defense, which included holding a short noodle. His cues were “Back and Smack”!! These cues were really easy to remember and easy to apply to your actual defense moves. We practiced with a partner then worked up to a full Ultimate Pool Frisbee Game. I had a lot of fun during his lesson and I thought it was so creative to add the element of holding the noodle. It gave us all more reach and turned the ordinary game into something new, fun and different. I though both Devon and Mike did a great job on their last lab from teaching! Everyone has definitely improved since his or her first lesson on day one.

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