Monday, February 27, 2012


                The third group got their chance to teach for Lab C for EDU 255 today. The group consisted of Kim, Devon, and Dan to teach us all about omnikin ball. Kim started us off with teaching kindergarten! She did a great job with including her hook which was “don’t break the egg”. This was her way for us to practice hitting the ball up in the air and not letting it touch the ground. We used beach balls because the omnikin balls are way too big to give out to kindergarten students. Next up as Dan who was teaching 8th grade I believe. Dan like always had great enthusiasm and energy while teaching his lesson. This is always such a great thing to have because it really gets to students engaged. For his lesson he used the big omnikin balls and taught us how to serve the ball. He used some great cues that everyone won’t for get, “Clap then Shut the front door!!”. Also Dan did a great job of really explaining how the game works! Devon was the last to go and taught everyone how to defend the ball. One thing I really liked about Devon’s lesson was how he talked more about the history of omnikin ball and where it came from. He told us it’s also known as “kin ball” and kin means family so in order to play this game we should all work together like a family. I thought this was a great teaching point in his lesson. Through the lesson he told us to remember the 3 C’s which are cooperation, caring, and communication. All these things were necessary to remember to work as a team to defend the ball. Overall I feel today’s group did another great job teaching. We are all defiantly improving from the first time we taught and of course learning many valuable things along the way, from ourselves and our peers. My group gets to teach on Wednesday, so we must make sure to end Lab C on a great note!!

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