Sunday, February 12, 2012

Boston University Valentine's Invitational

         On Friday I was unable to attend EDU 255 because I had a Track and Field meet in Boston! This meet was such a great experience and I’m happy that I was a part of the team that got a chance to compete there. This meet is known as the Boston University Valentine’s Invitational and is a very big event. So many people attend this meet that there are two different days of competition that last all day long, women race on Friday and the men race on Saturday. On Friday the events began at 3 pm and didn’t end until after 9 pm. I was competing in the open 400 and the 4x400 relay. In the open 400 alone there were 139 women competing. There were many heats that were organized by times and I was in heat 19 and I ended up finishing 79th overall. Many of my other team members finished better or right behind my ranking. As for the 4x400 relay Cortland had 2 relays. I was on Cortland ‘B’. Both teams ran pretty good times and only finished 2 minutes apart. Cortland ‘A’ finished 15th and Cortland ‘B’ finished 17th overall out of 30 teams.
            This was a great experience as an athlete and a future coach/teacher. This is a very competitive meet that includes DI to DIII schools. To see the amount of talent that was present was crazy to me. For many this meet is a good opportunity to qualify for ECACs or even Nationals. Therefore there was much dedication and work put into training before this meet for many athletes and coaches. The coaches have to put in just about as much hard work before this meet to make sure that all their athletes are prepared to run their best. The planning for training prior to this meet can be difficult for coaches to figure out to have the athletes ‘peak’ at the right time. This meet was very well run and I’m happy that Cortland gets a chance to compete at such a high level with all the other schools.  
Full Meet Results
Video of 400 open meters
Video of 4x400 meter relay
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