Friday, February 24, 2012

Next Up.....Tchoukball!!

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            Today was the second day for teaching for our Lab C in EDU 255. This game Tchoukball was a great game to end the week with! We learned that it originated in Switzerland. In this game there is NO defense, which is quite a different take on a game then we are used too. Lesley, Max, Emily, and Justin taught this sport but all aimed to a different grade level. Lesley did a great job starting us out with the kindergarten level of learning to throw a ball over and under hand. She taped hula-hoops to the wall for us to shoot at targets! Next was Max and he concentrated on throwing to a partner and only being allowed to take 3 steps when you have the ball in your hand. Emily was the next to teach and she worked on shooting at a target but worked us into a rotating station. I really liked the way she choose to do this instead of having us just stand in one spot, she kept us moving. Also Emily was one of the only to talk about Tchoukball specifically, I thought that was great. Justin was the last to teach and he was anything but apprehensive to get us right into actually playing the game! He had two stations one were you could use defense and worked on just passing the ball. The next station was the actual game Tchoukball, with the real rebound frames. When we got to play the whole game this was a lot of fun! I really enjoyed class today! I would love to play Tchoukball more!!

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