Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Jumping in Sequence

Today was another sweaty day in EDU 255 doing some jump roping. Right away Professor Yang asked us to get into small groups, different from last time. We were challenged to make another jump roping routine with jumping that was different then the normal! Eric, David, and I were a group and tried to think of something really creative. I must say that our routine was really cool but we could have used a little bit more practice before we were video taped. We made a few mistakes but it was difficult to stay in sequence and not get caught up in our jump rope. We incorporated jumping on two feet, one foot and jumping side to side. After we went we got to see some other groups and some of the things they came up with were pretty impressive!! After we taped our routines we went to the classroom to talk about our upcoming Lab B. This lab is based solely on different jump roping techniques. For next class we are going to work on the technique we were assigned to teach. I’m excited to see all the different types of jump roping people have to teach.

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