Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Teaching the Scissor Jump!

        Today was the first day of our Lab B for EDU 255 and I was assigned to teach today. I was the 3rd person to teach today so I had a little time to organize my thoughts and set up my posters while others were going. I made 2 visual aids for this lesson, one for class expectations and another for cues. The jump rope technique I was teaching was what I called the scissor jump, also known as the forward straddle jump. The cues I used were: 1. Jump, 2. Switch and 3. Plant. For a hook for my lesson I had asked everyone if they had heard of the little rhyme don’t step on the cracks cause you will break your mothers back. Which I think everyone said they had heard of it so it work well with my lesson because I ask them to practice the scissor jump without the jump rope and while not trying to step on a “crack”. I had two progressions before I got to the actual skill. I feel like this helped a few students get the hang of it, but because it was only a 6-minute lesson we had to move a little fast through the progressions. Overall the majority of the class got a pretty good grip on my technique.

       I feel my lesson had improved from my last lab. I was happy on how it all came together. At the end of our lessons our peers, TA’s and Professor Yang all gave us feedback about our lesson. This was a good growing point to see what others thought about your lesson. They had seemed to like the hook I used and what I did for the closing to keep them interested for the next class. Also they thought I had seemed pretty confident and the lesson went smoothly together. All these things were great to hear. As for things I have to keep improving on is projecting my voice louder, although my voice is clear I just have to make it a little louder. Also I didn’t demonstrate very many “common faults” for the technique, which can be helpful. Something that no one had caught onto but I talked to Professor Yang about afterwards is that on my visual aid I had said my signal for attention was my whistle but I used my voice. Professor Yang pointed out that if I commonly did this mistake that the students could possibly not take my word as seriously because I didn’t follow threw with my word. For next time if I am to use a whistle I’ll make sure it have it in my hand or around my neck to remind myself to us it!
            At the very end of everyone teaching Professor Yang said that he was happy with overall how everyone did and we were showing some good signs of teaching that usually don’t come till later on. Today seemed to be a good day for the EDU 255 class. It is a good learning experience to teach and watch you peers teach to learn from each other.
Transcript of Lab B 
Time Coding for Lab B
Review of Lesson by TA Steve

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