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Today in EDU 255 we focused mainly on the shotgun drill that we had learned in the previous class. Although today we did the exercise twice and arranged the tasks to be around jump roping. The first round we did the jump roping with a cross. I was partners with Emily and we were the ones who got to pick the task. After we picked front cross jump everyone must take their assignment for the lesson and gauge it toward that task. We seemed a little bit disorganized in this round for what part went where in then lesson. After the first round Professor Yang grouped us together to give some pointers about what can happen and how to improve it. He talked about how the C-9 form we have for a guide line doesn't mean that our lessons have to be in that particular order. This is a good guiding tool to use but it doesn't rule necessarily the layout of your lesson step by step. For the next round I was partners with Stephanie and we also were in charge of the task. This time we choose the double side swing and jump. This round the class didn't seem as disorganized but had trouble coming up with a good hook for the lesson. So then Professor Yang talked about how a hook can be very important in getting the students to want to be involved. He said that if you are teaching your class right all the students, even the ones not in your class, will be dying to come to your class. Your class should get people talking and interested!! These were some really helpful tips especially because we are going into our second lab on Wednesday. These things that Professor Yang was telling us about in class today will hopefully get us a step closer to teaching like a Rockstar!!
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