Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Learning Hantis

      Today for EDU 255 the first group went for Lab C. They collectively were teaching us how to play the foreign sport Hantis. Kyle started off with teaching aimed for 4th graders. He did a great job and really encouraged everyone to use the cues he was teaching us. The cues he used were head up, flat palms, and ready position. Overall for his whole lesson I think my favorite aspect was how he had contacted the founders of Hantis and asked them to make a video. So Kyle started off his lesson with a message specifically for us from 3 of the 4 Hantis creators. Next Eric was to go and teach aimed toward 8th grade. Eric did a great job of having a lot of enthusiasm as he always does while he is teaching, which is so great! Eric also really encouraged us to be using the proper cues during the whole lesson just like Kyle did. Mike was the last to teach and he was teaching toward 12th graders. Mike also had much enthusiasm and his voice projects really well across the gymnasium. Mike pulled all the pervious skills we had learned from Kyle and Eric and we got into a mini game. One thing I really liked that Mike did was connecting the game to one everyone knows, ping-pong. This really helped me out! Overall I think that these three did a great job explaining and teaching this international sport! One thing I wish they used more was the music. I know 10-ish minutes isn’t that long to incorporate music but when Mike used it for the instant activity I felt like it gave the class more energy. Today was another successful say for the EDU 255 class!
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