Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A Day to Learn from Others

    Today in EDU 255 5 others taught their Lab B lessons for jump roping. They all had great lessons and I even got a little sweat going through class. There were many things that I will be sure to pick up on after watching my peers successfully teach today. One thing that I loved was the amount of energy that was put into the lesson. Dan especially brought this home! He had such good energy and it seemed he could make anything seem fun if you just 100% commit to it like he did! Everyone today had some good unique hooks to bring us into the lesson. The one that sticks out in my mind is Stephanie’s hook, which was relating it to Star Wars and said that everyone was a Padawin and by the end of the lesson if we master the skill we can become Jedi’s!  Also all the lessons I observed today seem to have a good flow with progressions! Everyone is really improving from our first lab!
    Through all the lessons Professor Yang cued some of the students to act out or do something unusual to see how the teacher will react. This really taught us all a good lesson. During Mike’s lesson Yang asked Dan and I to sneak out of class when Mike wasn’t looking to see if he noticed. It ended up that Mike didn’t notice at all!! This really showed all of us how scanning the class at all times and being able to see everyone around you is very important. Also during Pat’s lesson he Stephanie and I tell him it was “our time of the month” so we could participate and we had to go to the nurse. Pat handled it pretty well and afterword, as a group, we discussed how to handle situations like that. One idea is to maybe not have them be physically involved but still have them be cognitive engaged. Also during many of the other lessons Yang asked people to act out and see how they handled it. For the most part they handled it pretty well by confronting them about their behaviors them changing them to do something so they don’t get bored.

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