Monday, February 20, 2012

Preview of Lab C

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           Today EDU 255 was started off with a fun little instant activity that involved psychomotor, cognitive and affective domains. There were boards set up on two sides of the gym and we had to get a partner and so a different locomotor skill to get around. The task was to solve the word/picture puzzles. I really enjoyed this because I love to figure out the puzzles. Next the TA Cassie took to floor and was giving us an example for teaching for Lab C. She taught us the basics of throwing for Rugby. Cassie helped us connect to what rugby was by talking about the Super Bowl because rugby came from football. Everyone has heard or seen a football game before so it was easy to connect to what she was going to teach us even though many of us might not have played rugby before. She incorporated technology into her lesson for the beginning with a slide of a map to show us where rugby originated, then another slide that told us the cues for passing. The cues she used were really helpful and for me, someone who knows nothing about rugby, her cues really helped me out. After her intro she got into a short drill just so everyone could get the hang of the proper throwing technique. She was really great about giving specific feedback during this part of the lesson. Next we got to move a little more and worked on throwing and moving at the same time within a small group. The last activity she did was my favorite. It was a small scale game to work on passing and you had to pass it to your teammates 5 times for one point. This was a lot of fun and we all worked up a sweat because we are all so competitive. It was nice to see an example before we had to teach to help us get some ideas. Cassie was a great example to watch to show the class a way to teach skills from a “foreign” sport.
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