Friday, February 3, 2012

One Jump Closer to Lab B

    Today in EDU 255 we worked on preparing for our next lesson we have to teach. We all got assigned a different style of jump roping. The type of jump roping that I was assigned was “forward straddle jumps” or  “scissor jumps”. We got the first part of class to work on our jumps then the TA’s came around to help and give out some tips for our lessons. I really was happy we got time to practice and talk with different TA’s because I found it very helpful to get their input. After this Sunnie, one of the TA’s, taught us a little rhyme to jump rope to that incorporates counting how many jumps you could do without stopping. It went like this “I can do a polka, I can do a split, and I can do a tap dance just like this…” then that’s when you start counting. I think I got to about the 50s then I got caught up in my jump rope. Professor Yang ended the class with an exercise he called “shotgun”. This was a neat group exercise that split all the parts a successful lesson plan should include up among the class. We all had partners and one part of the lesson to be creative with. Pat and I had to think of a hook for hula hooping. So we asked everyone if they had ever seen Spongebob “bring it around town”. This was the basic movement of hula hooping so we thought it connected well. This “shotgun” exercise was a fun way to end our day eight of EDU 255.

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