Saturday, February 18, 2012

Getting Ready for Lab C

Field hockey game at Melbourne University.
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On Friday for EDU 255 we all met in the classroom to talk about the next up coming lab! The next lab is Lab C and this incorporates teaching an international game or activity. The class in separated into groups of 4 and a TA that will all be teaching a different game of their choice. The TA for my group is Sunnie and the other members are David, Stephanie, and Brendan. Sunnie pick out the international game called “Shinty”. This is a game that originated in Scotland. It is like a combination of field hockey and lacrosse. Everyone in the group is responsible for teaching a different level, either Kindergarten, 4th, 8th, or 10th grade. I am in charge of teaching skills geared toward kindergarten students. I think this might be a challenge but I’m excited to change up my teaching style for younger students. We all started to brainstorm and share ideas in class to try and help out each other for what we should do for teaching. This lab seems like it is going to defiantly take some work but after we get it all done we will have some great things we can take with us for the future. Our group doesn’t teach until the 29th so we have plenty of time to think of some creative things to present.

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